Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Victory with a Hint of Lime

I have a roommate who is very bright, but not a fast learner. Whenever we have a conflict or squabble over trivial questions, we resolve the problem by betting a soda on it, then determining the answer.

The latest dispute was the most brilliant. The problem arose when my roommate was telling some friends and me a story about how his aunt said he looked like Prince William. I immediately retorted that he more closely resembled Prince Harry. A furious debate ensued, in which we determined the only way to settle it was over a soda - not just any soda mind you, it had to be a 20 oz. Coca Cola with Lime.

Later in the library, my roommate pulled up some pictures of the two royal Brits on his laptop. With two similarly posed pictures juxtaposed, we determined that we'd ask random studious library goers which of the two princes he looked like, best out of seven.

We got some weird looks, but in the end, it was unanimous. My roommate could be the stunt double for Prince Harry. Victory never tasted so good.

Sunday, April 10, 2005


This weekend I was lucky.

I drove home from college with a suburbanful of stuff - clothes, books, and loads of other college life crap. Semester ends next week, and we have three students at the same university in my family, so we thought we'd get a jump on moving home.

On my way back from home, we were driving on the freeway when suddenly a silver Jetta swerved in front of us and cut us off. The man barely missed us by a few inches, no kidding. At first we thought he was just being a jerk, and we couldn't understand why he'd be so rude because there was plenty of room for passing. Then we saw the car continue in its path as it swerved into the guardrail of the median. The front of the car crunched like a pop can and the Jetta was flung around, spinning a few times before seemingly stopping in our lane. It continued to spin however and hit the rail again, this time slingshotting across the freeway, narrowly missing cars as centrifugal forces kept it spinning like a roulette table. Finally the car stopped on the otherside as it slammed into the side guardrail.

We immediately called 911 and gave the operator all the information we had ascertained. It appeared that the man had fallen asleep and had just drifted hard left, narrowly missing us. Either that or he'd suffered a cardiac arrest or tried to sniff cocaine off his steering wheel. All I know is that we were extremely lucky the car missed us, and that if we'd been speeding even a mile over the limit, we would've collided and likely spun with him. I'm feeling very blessed and spared right now. I must be doing something right.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Google Whacking

It's getting out of control. I'm addicted. And now i'm cheating.

hydrorrhea zoophagous