Monday, September 17, 2007

Team Zissou

So this weekend was just as brilliant as last, if not more. It was the last weekend I could hang out with Annie, one my absolute best friends, before she leaves on her mission to London (tomorrow morning). I drove up from Provo and we began our rigid search for some red beanies so we re-enact the "storming the beach" scene of Life Aquatic. After visiting several large stores for low-income shoppers, we finally found our prized hats, although we had to compromise on color. Bright colors just aren't in at Big K. Maroon looks quite nice, however.

Donning our maroon Team Zissou caps we cut apart a pillowcase and made our team flag. Andrew was a sting ray, I was a sea turtle, Annie a seahorse and our mannequin head friend Virgil was an octopus. Thanks to Annie's brilliant artistic skills and Andrew's skill with a staple gun, our flag looked pretty fabulous. We decided to take a break and get some Indian food. We decided that it was against the rules to leave without eating the lamb. The food was good.

Fisher joined us and we made our ascent to the mountain we had previously decided to claim. To the tunes of Of Montreal we stormed that mountain in the dark and took many photos to document our claim. After the adrenaline wore off we found ourselves at the edge of the lookout point hitting rocks off makeshift golf tees with Andrew's left-handed taylor made driver. Fisher and Andrew reacted with glee each time the head of the club struck the rocky ground, exploding in big sparks. The highlight was definitely when the sparks landed in some dry brush and actually ignited. They excitedly stomped it out and redoubled their efforts to make more fire.

Maybe a little excited by the fire, we went to Andrew's with the intention of creating a bonfire in his backyard and making s'mores. We ultimately failed at making the bonfire because we had no kindling and the newspaper wasn't getting hot enough to ignite the logs. We still managed to waste an entire bottle of "fire gel" and make our s'mores, so we were happy. We ended the night with "The Motorcycle Diaries," most of which I slept through because it was late and I was tired.


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